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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Single wafer type ion beam etching machine


  • Etching rate control is possible high and low
  • Filamentless μ wave neutralizer (Options).
  • EPD (end point detector) mounting (Options).
  • Available on reactive gas (Options).
  • Filamentless RF ion source of bucket type (Options)

Main Applications

  • Microfabrication for MEMS devices, wiring and electrode processing of high-frequency filters and compound semiconductors, micropatterning / forming processing of magnetic sensors, etc.

Equipment evaluation

We will provide sample processing tailored to the customer's application for free for the first time.
Please make inquires our company regarding wafer size, number of wafer for processing, etc.

Filamentless µ wave Neutralizer
Filamentless µ wave Neutralizer

IML-6-1 Sheet Etching Device
IML-6-1 Sheet Etching Device


Ion source size Φ200
イIon source voltage 300~1000V
Current density ~ 1 mA/cm2
Object substrate 1 × 5 "
Holder motion Rotation and inclination
Holder cooling Water cooling / Gas cooling

Machine with two treatment rooms is also possible.

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