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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Wet Station

We have 3 solutions for variety of substrates.

  • Multi batch type wet station Our system has batch type cleaning ,resist stripping and etching potions.
    All processes from chemical cleaning to dryer are fully automated.
  • Spin processor This spin processor is suitable for R&D and small production.
    All processes from chemical process to dryer are in one cup.
  • Multi spin processor Multi spin processor is suitable for mass production and Multi complex process.

Spin unit

Ultrasonic cleaning unit

Air mist nozzle unit

Brush scrub unit

Chemical CUP unit

Organic solvent unit

N2ion blow unit

Function unit

Both side scrub unit

Beveled edge scrub unit

Bake unit

UV lamp cleaning unit

Wafer reversing mechanism

Underwater loader

Spin chuck sensor


Electrical conductivity control system by de-ionized water/CO2 membrane

Antistatics for substrate

Chemical supply system

Concentration management by chemical tank weight

Traceability system

This system gathers LotNo.,recipe,time,temperature,concentration,electric energy and so on.

Chemical solution recycling system

Recycling system by filter


IPA vapor dryer

Tool cleaner

Clean oven

Wafer transfer

Tool desiccator

Organic fume hood

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