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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Service & Support

Automatic analytical equipment providing support during laboratory examination.
The reliability of the equipment can be maintained for 24 hours; the equipment can provide support to accurate and rapid testing.

The system can perform pre-processing, automatic analysis, and other processes on a large number of samples. The operation of these devices can have a significant impact on the medical institution. We will support the medical field by providing accurate and speedy testing while maintaining the reliability of the equipment used.

Main Products

Automatic biochemical analyzer, sample pre-processing system, cardiomagnetometry systems, high purity water production system, etc.

Hitachi automatic analyzer for clinical examination

Hitachi automatic analyzer

Clinical Water purification systems by Merck Millipore

Main Services

  • Preventive maintenance (PM):
    We will maintain the performance and stable operation of the equipment by providing regular maintenance depending on its operating status.
  • Remote Support:
    Through periodic reports, remote fault notification and remote operation support, our professional engineers will provide detailed support to the equipment.
  • Installation of seismic isolator:
    We will help you in the installation of equipment for earthquake measures.
  • Software:
    Starting with various application software for the device, such as data reception software, we will offer a operation monitoring system for monitoring the operating status of a number of devices.
  • Reduce environmental impact:
    We provide consultation with regard to measures to reduce environmental impact such as energy and resource conservation, re-use of equipment, and others.

*The services offered may differ depending on the countries and regions.