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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

Service & Support

Semiconductors are indispensable to the evolution of the IT society. We provide total support from the production line to the inspection and evaluation system to achieve optimal performance.

The evolution of semiconductor manufacturing does not have any limits, from the further miniaturization of circuit at the nano-level to the production of large diameter wafers. We provide total support with regard to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and to the system for the evaluation and inspection of equipment; we provide applied technologies on production processes and equipment utilization and maintenance; moreover, we also perform corrective maintenance of existing equipment.

Main products

Measuring equipment (measuring SEM), defect review SEM, plasma etching apparatus, optical wafer particle inspection, visual inspection equipment, ion milling equipment, ion beam sputter coater, ashing equipment, and others.

Hitachi plasma etching apparatus

Hitachi high resolution FEB length measuring devices

Hitachi defect review SEM

Main services

  • Preventive Maintenance (PM):
    Based on the maintenance of the operating status of equipment, past maintenance and parts replacement history, we provide a preventive maintenance menu that corresponds to the needs of our customers to ensure maximum performance and stable operation of the device.
  • Corrective maintenance (CM):
    We can shorten the cycle time (processing time) by upgrading the version of the various software used, and providing upgrades and remodeling to improve the performance and function of equipment.
  • Advisory Services:
    In order to maximize the usage of the equipment, we provide appropriate advisory services to improve the operation rate and ensure stable operation of equipment; we also provide diagnosis and analysis regarding the status of the device. In addition, we provide support to improve productivity by ensuring the stable supply of consumables, and give suggestions on how to improve the function of equipment and how to improve automation rate based on the maximization of the recipe for evaluation and inspection.
  • Contract Analysis:
    We perform analysis and evaluation of matters regarding semiconductor processes through the use of advanced technology that is a result of being at the cutting-edge of semiconductor production.
  • Reduce environmental impact:
    We provide consultation with regard to measures to reduce environmental impact such as energy and resource conservation, re-use of equipment, and others.

*The services offered may differ depending on the countries and regions.