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19th International Microscopy Congress

  • Join Hitachi at the 19th International Microscopy Congress (IMC19) in Sydney, Australia, and explore the latest technologies and solutions Hitachi offers. Product demonstrations are available on select instruments. Reserve your demo time in advance. Don't miss this opportunity to experience Hitachi's innovation!

Product demonstrations are available with the following products:

HT7800 120 kV TEM(Product Info)

FlexSEM Compact Variable-Pressure SEM (Product Info) w/ AMICS Automated Mineralogy package (Product info).

SU3500 Premium Variable-Pressure SEM (Product Info)

TM4000 Tabletop SEM (Product Info)

ZONE II Sample Cleaner (Product Info)

We also offer high-end TEM and STEM, Field-Emission SEM, FIB-SEM, Ion Milling, AFM, Imaging Software, and more. Visit Booth #71 and learn about Hitachi's latest offerings directly from our product specialists.

19th International Microscopy Congress

Dates Sep 9-14, 2018
Location Sydney, NSW, Australia