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Jun 14, 2022


Tokyo, June 14, 2022 – Hitachi High-Tech Corporation ("Hitachi High-Tech") formulated the following “Sustainability 2030” declaration in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by solving social issues, and in order to accelerate initiatives for Materiality*1 identified in FY2018.

[ Sustainability 2030 ]

We, the Hitachi High-Tech Group, will contribute to the realization of "a sustainable global environment", "healthy, safe, secure lives" and "sustained development of science and industry". We will keep growing with our customers and partners by utilizing our Observation, Measurement, and Analysis systems on the basis of a sound management foundation which enables diverse human resources to actively participate and thrive.

Our “Sustainability 2030” declaration

Global risks and social issues, such as climate change, resource scarcity, economic disparities, poverty, and human rights issues, are affecting our lives and our corporate activities. In light of this reality, and in order to clarify how the Hitachi High-Tech Group can utilize our business characteristics and business model to help solve social problems and contribute to the world, as our society expects of us, we identified the five themes of Materiality in FY2018 to be addressed through our business activities, while keeping in mind the SDGs that are positioned as the common rules and goals for international society in the 21st century.

In order for the Hitachi High-Tech Group to respond to changes in the social environment and aim to be a company that continues to be needed by society, we must accelerate our initiatives for Materiality. This is why we formulated our “Sustainability 2030” declaration.
Through our “Sustainability 2030” declaration, the Hitachi High-Tech Group has clearly indicated our ideal state both internally and externally, thereby helping to heighten each employee’s awareness of the need to create value driven by societal issues. At the same time, we will promote business strategies and plan proposals that will link all businesses to sustainability.

We used backcasting from the Stated Aim for 2030 as put forward in our “Sustainability 2030” declaration and formulated the 2024 Mid-Term Management Plan*2. Going forward, we will continue to resolve social issues using our core technologies, Observation, Measurement, and Analysis and contribute toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Materiality: Further information about Hitachi High-Tech Group's Materiality
2024 Mid-Term Management Plan:

Hitachi High-Tech Group’s five themes of Materiality

Hitachi High-Tech Group’s five themes of Materiality

- End -

About Hitachi High-Tech

Hitachi High-Tech, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is engaged in activities in a broad range of fields, including manufacture and sales of clinical analyzers, biotechnology products, and analytical instruments, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and analysis equipment. and providing high value-added solutions in fields of social & industrial infrastructures and mobility, etc. The company's consolidated revenues for FY 2021 were approx. JPY 576.8 billion [USD 5.1 billion]. For further information, visit


Makoto Shibamiya
Sustainability Management Dept., CSR Div.,
Hitachi High-Tech Corporation
Tel: +81-90-5553-6120

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