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  7. 2021/05/13 “Lens array with Mirror” from ALPS ALPINE CO.,LTD.

2021/05/13“Lens array with Mirror” from ALPS ALPINE CO.,LTD.


Introduction of “Lens array with Mirror” from ALPS ALPINE CO.,LTD.

This is IKE from ALPSALPINE CO., LTD. I belong to Electronic Components Sales & Marketing HQ and in charge of business development of aspheric lens for optical market.

Lens array with Mirror is a product that integrates a 90-degree reflective mirror with a normal lens array, and has the advantage of reducing the manufacturing process compared to the existing lens array + reflective mirror.
Currently, we are mass-producing standard product with a lens pitch of 750 μm and a focal length of 1.5 mm (model name : FLHL2SE14A), but we can also customize them if there is a need. The number of channels and the pitch between lenses can be adjusted up to 250 μm. This product is mainly used for ROSA (Receiver Optical SubAssembly) and the incidence angle to the PD is slightly shifted from 90 degrees in order to prevent reflection from the light receiving part (PD).

Lens array with Mirror①Exisiting model②Mirroe lens arrray. Spacer is needed for setting up.

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