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Company Profile

Company Name KELK Ltd.
Location Hiratsuka-city, Kanagawa-pref. JAPAN
Established 24412
Capital 390 Million Japanese Yen
(approx. US$3.5M)
100% owned by Komatsu
Net Sales Not available
Number of Employees 310 (as at Jan.2020)

Official Website


Main Products

TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler)

Example of application:

  • TOSA (XMD or TO-Can etc.)
  • Tunable Laser, iTLA, uiTLA
  • Pump Laser
  • InP Modulator
  • Quantum Cascade/Dot Laser
  • LiDAR
  • CMOS/CCD Sensor
  • DNA Diagnostic Device
  • Fiber Laser

TEG (Thermo-Electric Generator)

Generates electricity by waste heat.

  • Wireless Vibration Sensor Device.(Overhaul alert device by FFT analysis without battery or cable)
  • Multiple application for IoT sensing without any battery or cable.

Product Portfolio




Open Tooled TEC for ELSFP CW Laser Source

  1. Newly designed TE element enables to perform the highest heat pumping.

    Performance and Geometric Property of KSBB015-0705C

    Performance curve of KSBB015-0705C Th = 70℃

  2. Open tooled TEC that contributes reducing cost.
  3. Optical path alignment is secured by attaching PM Fiber to Snout of Gold Box although TEC Height is standardized.


Cutting Edge Technology

  • MINIMIZE Power Consumption.
  • MINIMIZE Optical Coupling Loss.
  • SIMPLIFIES Platform Assemble.
  • MAXIMIZE Module Performance.



  • Optimized overall performance enhanced by sophisticated simulation recipe through over 5 decades experience.
  • Outsource process to partner in Asia region in order to contribute cost reduction, shorter leadtime and capacity utilization.
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