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Hitachi High-Tech in Thailand
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Automotive Sensor & Control Devices


We supply a variety of automotive sensors, infrared cameras, and molded parts made from metal, resin and other materials to the automotive and transportation equipment industries, contributing to vehicle safety, comfort, and fuel economy.

Automotive Devices

  • Sensors for automobiles
  • Pressure switches and pressure sensors
  • Ceramic filters for exhausts

Metal artefacts

  • Fastener
    Small screw, Tapping screw, Compound fastener, Bolt, Nut
  • Press product
    Cold forging, Hot forging, Transfer, Lead frame,
  • Sintering allo, Accurate sending in order press
  • Forging product
    Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium
  • Artefact
    Cutting product, Electrocast products

Resin molded products

  • Insert molded product
  • Precision ejection molded product
  • Structure part
  • Function part
  • Blow molded product
  • Two colors of molded product

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