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2021/06/18KELK TEC: How to reduce Power Consumption?

One of the common headache is to control and save Power Consumption of your Cooled TOSA or Transceiver.
Here is a proposal from KELK how to reduce Power Consumption of TEC.
Inside of ICT or Micro iTLA, there is 2 different components groups in terms of heat dissipating and they are sitting very closely.
Wavelength Locker or PLC does Not dissipate heat but need temperature control while LD Chip, SOA or Modulator dissipate heat.
TEC Power Consumption is increased because those components are mounted on the same Platform and Heat transfers from Heating Zone to Temperature Control Zone via single platform as figured in below.

Conventional Single Zone TEC

Multi Zone TEC

Dual TEC

KELK has already launched Automated Assemble Line for Dual TEC and started mass-production.
Please visit below link and explore KELK’s approach of reducing TEC Power Consumption and contact us if you would like to have more information.

Link to KELK:

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