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2021/12/23KELK Development Bulletin! TEC for CPO/ELSFP

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At a Certain Cloud Service Exhibition Hall…

Mr. Cloudy: Gah!!
I want to increase the number of servers and expand my business, but IP traffic is exploding with everyone working from home and having online meetings due to COVID19.
My Data Center space is limited for installing new servers, is there a server that is more Compact, has a Larger Capacity and Lower Power Consumption?・・・・

Hanzou at Hitachi: coincidentally Hanzou of Hitachi High-Tech was at the same exhibition and heard the muttering from Mr.Cloudy・・・
That makes sense and is very interesting!!
Considering a larger capacity server for next generation, I wonder whether it would have a greater than Tera byte Pluggable Transceiver or CPO with a PIC+ELSFP? Thinking about future scalability and transmission capacity, as well as power saving that is realized by integration and downsizing, a CPO with PIC+ELSFP might be the mainstream, but it is better to confirm my thoughts with Pam, who is a Development Engineer for our transceiver manufacturer customer.

1Tbps Pluggable Transceiver?

Conversation at Development Division for Transceiver Manufacturer…

Hanzou at Hitachi: Hello Pam,
I would like to hear your opinion about the direction of next generation larger capacity servers.  Of two accepted approaches, my guess is a CPO with PIC+ELSFP could be the mainstream path through my market research up to now, what do you think?

Pam: Okay, no problem!
As far as I know, a High Power CW Laser should be required for CPO with PIC+ELSFP and that means temperature control by a TEC is needed. 
I wonder if the market can accept an increased cost of ELSFP due to the TEC.  Power Consumption is also increased with the TEC, therefore I am not sure that market can accept a CPO with PIC+Cooled ELSFP.

Hanzou at Hitachi: I appreciate your frank comment and that makes sense.
I totally agree with your concern about cost and power consumption of a CPO with PIC+Cooled ELSFP.  However, I heard from another engineer that greater than Tera byte Pluggable Transceivers are really challenging to design or even fabricate because:
1) Electric circuits are too complicated. Especially EMI/EMS noise to the RF signal is difficult to manage.
2) Eventually Power Consumption is increased by additional a control IC or compensation circuit to adjust the RF Signal that is being multiplied by numbers of Pluggable Transceivers.
Meanwhile, PIC+ELSFP is injecting a High Power Laser beam to the Optical Engine directly via fiber and neither a compensation circuit nor control IC are needed with an ELSFP module. Also, you can expect a higher assembly yield because the interior CW Laser Source is simple.

Pam: Is that so? An ELSFP design might be interesting♪
However, is KELK capable to produce a TEC with such a high Qc? Also we cannot accept any higher price even if KELK was able to develop such a high-performance TEC because the Data Center market is really cost sensitive.

Hanzou at HItachi: Cost is important no doubt, however a major cost reduction is expected if we go with an Open Tooled TEC. It obviously reduces manufacturing leadtime too.
Need to talk to Master KELK right away!!

Conversation with Master KELK…

Hanzou at HItachi: Hi Master KELK, how are you doing?
I would like KELK to develop a new TEC for a High Power CW Laser Source used in ELSFPs considering information we gathered. Of course, performance optimization is a primary condition, but lower cost should also be a very important factor.

Master KELK: I am surprised to know an ELSFP emits a higher LD power as well as dissipates heat intensively! 
It is not easy for KELK to design TE elements to meet a higher Qc than ever, but it is worth the challenge.

One week later…

Master KELK: Hi Hanzou,
I have just completed the design although it was so tough. 
The model is KSBB015-0705C,  
try hard to promote this brand, new TEC!

Hanzou at HItachi: Thank you very much for your hard work and we will start promotion right now in our Newsletter!

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