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Company Profile

Company Name Yamashita Materials Corp.
Location Zama-City , Kanagawa, JAPAN
Established June 15th, 1965
Capital 250 Million JPY
Net Sales
(FY ended 3/31/2019)
2,520 Million JP
(year 2021)
Number of Employees 137

Yamashita Materials Corp.
Official Website


Main Products

Flexible Printed Circuits

  • Flexible printed wiring board (Flex board): 1 to 8 layers
  • Component mounting:Minimum chip size, 01005 (inch)


Brief specification

  • Handling materials:PI, LCP, PTFE
  • Min Via:Hole φ20um, Land φ120um
  • Min Line/Space:50/50um(double side)
  • Via type: PTH, Blind Via, Filled Via

Application record

  • High frequency:1 to 60 GHz band
  • Large current :1 to 40 amps

Ultrafine Circuit High Frequency FPC

Ultrafine Circuit High-Frequency FPC can be used for high-frequency applications above GHz band and bare chip mounting.

Circuit formation by semi-additive process (SAP) using liquid crystal polymer (LCP) with a low dielectric property as a core material enables the formation of 100 Ω differential transmission lines at a wiring pitch of 50 µm or less.
Also, ENEPIG (Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold) is applied on a mounting pad to support wire bonding mounting with bare chips.
The semi-additive process is characterized by high circuit formation accuracy of ±5µm, making it an ideal method for impedance control.

- - -

TDR waveform (Narrow pitch differential line matched to 100 ohm)


Example of Product Specification

The followings is an example. Please contact us for availability of specifications.

Number of layers 2
Interlayer connection Via Through-Via(φ0.1mm~)
Base material LCP(Liquid crystal polymer)
Covercoat Low dielectric coverlay、Solder resist
Conductor thickness 20μm(Reference)
Line/Space L/S=20μm/20μm(Reference)
Surface treatment Gold flash plating
Impedance matching Differential 100Ω±10%

Ultrafine Circuit High Frequency FPC(Under development)

Ultrafine Circuit High Frequency FPC(Under development)

Catalog Download Link

Separated multi-layer FPC for card edge

Multi-layer flexible board adaptable for fitting card edge connecter with double-sided contant

  • Similar function as rigid flexible board and high reliability Via formation
  • Stable impedance line can be formed due to integration of flexible board and rigid board and no connection point
  • High density wiring with 100µm pitch wiring or Via land diameter of φ300µm or less
  • Bare chip wire bounding and BGA component mounting possible


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