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Hitachi High-Tech in Europe

Innovations in Electron and Atomic Force Microscopy for Industry and Academia.

A full day's seminar ideal for both industrial and academic scientists alike.

Aimed at refreshing the knowledge base on the subject of microscopy, the organisers wish to increase the understanding of the benefits that a range of microscopy techniques from visible light microscopy, electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy can bring to your organization.

Time will be spent understanding how basic and advanced sample preparation techniques can be used to maximize the potential of your electron microscope.

There will be specific focus on the process and time saving benefits to be gained through a correlative atomic-force and electron microscopy approach.

During the day you will also learn how the latest developments in FE-SEM technology, energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), as well as electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) are being used by scientists like you.

  • Admission to the seminar is free and by registration only. For more information on the event click here.


11th October 2018


Danubius Hotel Arena, Budapest, Hungary


UNICAM Magyarország Kft.

Seminar Content

Presentations will be made on:

  • A turn-key solution: The Olympus CIX100 cleanliness inspection system.
  • The Hitachi High-Technologies (HHT) TM4000 Plus bench top scanning electron microscope and its application possibilities.
  • Imaging surface topography: Understanding HHT’s Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).
  • HHT electron microscopy sample preparation methods and applications.
  • HHT's latest FE-SEM technology and its applications.
  • New challenges for EDS and EBSD analysis.
  • Correlative Microscopy: Combining HHT’s AFM & SEM for advanced materials characterisations.