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Hitachi High-Tech in Europe

Hitachi High-Technologies Europe would like to invite you to a joint webinar presented by Hitachi High-Technologies Europe, Bruker Nano Analytics and Delmic.

Conducted live and scheduled to last 45 minutes, these webinars are held on separate sessions covering various aspects of scanning electron microscopy techniques and analysis using EDS, EBSD and CL for geological applications. A 15 mins Q&A session will be held at the end of each webinar.

Part 1 covers Geological scanning electron microscopy (SEM) for imaging and compositional analysis (EDS).

August 13th 2019 | 8 am GMT, 10 am CEST, 5 pm JST

Part 2 covers Exploring microstructure and chemistry in minerals using EBSD and CL.

September 10th 2019 | 8 am GMT, 10 am CEST, 5 pm JST


13th August and 10th September 2019


Online - webinar


Hitachi High-Technologies Europe, Bruker Nano Analytics and Delmic

Webinar Content

Webinar 1 topics:

“Optimizing the SEM for geological applications” presented by Mats Eriksson, Hitachi High-Technologies Europe.

“Advanced microanalysis with Bruker EDS system” presented Max Patzschke, Bruker.

“Macro, to Micro to Nanoscale Advanced SEM/EDS of Earth and Planetary Materials” presented by Dr. Tobias Salge, Natural History Museum London.

Webinar 2 topics:

“Complete characterization of mineralogical samples with EBSD and EDS integration” presented by Dr. Laurie Palasse, Bruker.

“CL imaging for geology” presented by Dr. Toon Coenen, Delmic.

“Sample preparation and Broad Ion Beam (technique and applications)” presented by Sten Sturefelt, Hitachi High-Technologies Europe.

For more information on the specific products to be discussed please follow the links below for more information:
SU5000 Schottky field emission SEM.
SU7000 Advanced ultra-high resolution analytical FE-SEM.
IM4000Plus Broad beam ion milling solution.