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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Basic Approach

In the global marketplace, in which the Hitachi High-Tech Group operates, the changes in the business environment surrounding companies have become even severer. It is crucial that we continue to provide creative and pioneering solutions to our customers and society through continuous innovation to succeed in the competition. The Hitachi High-Tech Group respects diverse sensibilities and values and is working to incorporate them as one of our major initiatives to achieve growth based on the commitment of the top management staff, by placing "diversity management," which will lead to the production of organizational dynamics, at the core of our management. We regard gender, race, nationality, religion, career background, age, personality, values, sexuality (LGBT), and all other external and internal differences as part of a person's individuality. To ensure that each and every employee can make the most of his or her own abilities, we are actively striving to foster a culture of respect as well as enhance mechanisms within the Group.

Roadmap and KPIs

Roadmap and KPIs
Diagram of Roadmap and KPIs

Major KPIs


We have made diversity management part of our management strategy, and in 2015 set up the dedicated Diversity Promotion Group in our Human Resources Department. We placed the Diversity Promotion Committee, with members selected from each business and region, led by the top management and have been establishing measures for the whole company. We share information from the committee, and are encouraging voluntary activities suited to each workplace, in addition to measures for the whole company. The initiatives are being taken with the Diversity Promotion Group at the core.


We have been developing the 20-20 Project since FY2015 to make our working lifestyles highly productive and increase productivity. Each workplace is making innovative efforts for efficient utilization of working hours and well-modulated working styles as the top commitment. We are also taking initiatives aimed at appointing women as officers and achieving a rate of 5% of managerial posts being held by women (doubling the rate reached in FY2014) by FY2020 for the promotion of active participation of women.

FY2018 Results

Purpose Major Initiatives Activities and Results for FY2018
Promotion of Understanding Disseminate the management’s messages The Hitachi High-Tech Group’s “Declaration on Working-Style Reform” announced publicly (on September 26, 2016)
Initiatives on working-style reform recommended for Group companies within Japan as well
The spreading and putting into practice the working-style reform is constantly encouraged among employees through the President’s New Year’s greeting and internal reports
“Help!” lunch meetings Opportunities for the President and management to directly communicate their thoughts on working-style reform to employees
-“Help!” lunch meetings: A chance to work together to come up with solutions to problems in the workplace  60 meetings / about 600 participants (total)
Diversity management training Education through officer training, general manager training and manager training
Diversity management training (seminars to support work-nursing care balance, publishing an LGBT handbook, etc.)
Workshops led by employees throughout the Group around the world
Information sharing with labor union and group companies Hold the “Working Style Reform Committee” and the “Hitachi High-Tech Group Diversity Promotion Committee”
Sharing examples of female employees The 20-20 Awards, which celebrate favorable examples of working-style reform
Information sharing via internal reports and intranet
Promotion of Workplace Participation Women’s leadership training Executive roundtable led by the President and female executives
Sending to external seminars and networking events
Coaching for managers to facilitate fostering of subordinates
Career training for female senior staff
Female leadership seminars
Systems to realize diverse working styles Implementation of system for home telework, satellite offices, and location-independent work
Introduction of annual paid leave in hourly units, core-free flextime, and leave of absence for spouse transfers
Networking among staff choosing diverse workstyles (including lunches for staff returning to work from childcare leave)

Photo: The 20-20 Awards, which celebrate favorable examples of working-style reform
The 20-20 Awards, which celebrate favorable examples of working-style reform

Photo: Career training for female senior staff
Career training for female senior staff

Recruiting Diverse Employees

Hitachi High-Tech strives to employ a diverse range of exceptional people. Of the 103 new employees who joined the company as general employees in April 2019, 26% were women, and 6% were from outside Japan. In addition, we employed 92 people with career experience between April 2018 and March 2019.

Valuing Diversity Among Our Personnel

Major efforts are as follows:

  • Fostering female leaders
    (Executive roundtable, led by the President and female executives, at female leadership seminars, enhancement of internal and external networks, etc.)
  • Reforming the attitudes of those in management, diversity management training
  • Further promotion of working-style reform

External Certification and Commendation

Nadeshiko Brand

Logo mark of the Nadeshiko Brand

The Nadeshiko Brand initiative is for the purpose of selecting and publicizing outstanding listed enterprises that support women's careers and supporting women in balancing work and family. It is jointly undertaken by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (MATI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. The company was selected for two consecutive years in FY2016 and FY2017.


Certification mark of the Eruboshi certification program

Under the Eruboshi certification program, the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare certifies enterprises that have made outstanding efforts after formulating and submitting a plan for promoting the participation of women. The company has passed all 5 evaluation categories and earned the top stage of certification.

Receiving Forbes Japan Women Award 2018 Special “Category Award / Workstyle Reform Award”

Photo:Forbes Japan Women Award presentation ceremony
Forbes Japan Women Award
presentation ceremony

The Forbes Japan Women Award is the largest-scale award for women in Japan. It celebrates companies that actively strive to create a work environment that is friendly to ambitious women and women who have made outstanding achievements during the year.
Hitachi High-Tech has won praise for its 20-20 Project as an initiative for workplace reform.


The Group has 10,898 employees within Japan and overseas as of March 31, 2018. We seek to avoid discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, gender, or disability in our hiring practices and endeavor to create and maintain stable employment.

Number of Employees (Group)
Graph: Number of Employees (Group)

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

We approach the employment of people with disabilities from the perspectives of both diversity among our personnel and corporate social responsibility. Acknowledging that satisfying the statutory requirement for the employment of people with disabilities is the absolute minimum level of social responsibility that we should fulfill as a Group, we have gained approval for Hitachi High-Tech Support Corporation to be designated as a special subsidiary company. We are achieving figures in excess of the statutory employment rate, while striving to further expand the scope of duties of employees with intellectual disabilities or psychiatric disorders (2.53% as of the end of March 2019). In FY2019, we formulated the Hitachi High-Tech Group Medium-term Plan for Employment of People with Disabilities which targets FY2021 to make efforts to further expand employment of people with disabilities.
We are actively endeavoring to enhance the skills of our employees with disabilities. Three of our employees participated in the 38th National Abilympics (vocational skills contest for person with disability) held in FY2018, and earned medals in all of the events they took part in.

Ratio of Employees with Disabilities*1
FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
2.19% 2.36% 2.57% 2.65% 2.53%
* 1
Consolidated domestic results
As of March 31 of each fiscal year

Employment of Seniors

In response to the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, we have introduced a system of life planning options that enables employees to open a variety of lifestyles after at the age of 60. This system is becoming firmly established within Hitachi High-Tech. Under the post-60 re-employment system, we are putting in place an environment that enables all seniors to play an active role in the company, making full use of their knowledge and experience.

Expanding Employment of People from Outside Japan and Promoting Their Participation

We are expanding our employment of people from outside Japan. In FY2018 and FY2019, among new employees who joined the company as general employees, the rate of whose from outside of Japan was maintained at 6% and steadily exceeds the KPI, rate of employees from outside Japan of 5% or more.