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Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation Hitachi High-Tech Strengthens Presence in China Market by Merging Local Subsidiaries

Shanghai, China, 14th June 2019: Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science, a Hitachi High-Tech Corporation (TSE: 8036) wholly owned subsidiary engaged in the manufacture and sales of analysis and measuring instruments, and Hitachi Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd have merged to form a single entity in China under the Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science name.

Hitachi Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a sales and service subsidiary of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation selling a range of analytical instruments such as the Hitachi FT series and EA series XRF instruments, as well as thermal analysers to a wide range of customers in China since 2013.

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science was formed in 2017 following the Hitachi High-Tech Corporation acquisition of Oxford Instruments’ global Industrial Analysis business. Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science provides a broad range of analytical solutions designed to meet the evolving challenges of the industrial sector.

Dawn Brooks, President of Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science commented: “The consolidation means the coming together of two successful business which will accelerate our growth plans to become a market leading provider of materials analysis solutions in China. We’re improving our direct presence for sales and service in target areas whilst maximising our sales through our local distribution partners.”

The two entities officially merge to become Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science China in July 2019.

Editor’s notes:

About Hitachi High-Tech Corporation

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is engaged in activities in a broad range of fields, including Science and Medical Systems, Electronic Device Systems, Industrial Systems, and Advanced Industrial Products. The company's consolidated sales for FY2018 were approx. JPY731.1 billion [USD6.6 billion].

About Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science, part of Hitachi High-Tech Group, is headquartered in Oxford, UK. We have over 45 years’ experience providing high-tech analysis solutions, designed to meet the tough challenges of a rapidly evolving industrial sector. Our range of smart, high-performance laboratory and in-field testing instruments deliver analysis that adds value throughout the production lifecycle; providing of operation for even the most demanding applications. Our analysis instruments include:

  • X-MET8000 handheld analyzers, used by thousands of businesses to deliver simple, rapid and non-destructive analysis for mining, soil testing, alloy analysis and scrap metal sorting using precision XRF technology.
  • Vulcan handheld analyzers, with LIBS laser technology, identify metal alloys in just one second, making it one of the fastest analyzers in the world. This hugely benefits businesses processing high volumes of metal.
  • FM EXPERT, PMI-MASTER, FOUNDRY-MASTER and TEST-MASTER range of analyzers are used by industries the world over for fast and precise metals analysis. Featuring optical emission spectroscopy technology, all important elements with low detection limits and high precision can be determined, including carbon in steel and all technically relevant main and trace elements in nearly all metals.
  • X-Strata and FT range microspot XRF analyzers measure coating thickness of single- and multi-layer coatings including alloy layers and are designed to be incorporated into quality control or process control programmes, as well as research laboratories, especially in the electroplating and semiconductor industries.
  • Lab-X5000 and X-Supreme8000 benchtop XRF analysers deliver quality assurance and process control across a diverse range of industries such as petroleum, wood treatment, cement, minerals, mining and plastics.

Joining the company portfolio are:

  • EA series: XRF Analyzers ideal for compliance with RoHS, ELV and China RoHS and safety inspection of toys and kitchenware. XRF analyzers capable of non-destructive and quick analysis are now widely used to inspect the content of substances restricted by environmental directives represented by RoHS, ELV and China RoHS.
  • EA8000 enables rapid detection and elemental identification of metal particles approximately 20 µm in diameter found in the electrode plates of fuel cells and lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Metal particle contamination in electrode materials, separators of fuel cells, and lithium ion rechargeable batteries causes heat and fire and decreases battery capacity and lifetime.
  • TA Series:Thermal Analysis is important to a wide variety of industries, including polymers, composites, pharmaceuticals, foods, petroleum, inorganic and organic chemicals, and many others. These instruments typically measure heat flow, weight loss, dimension change, or mechanical properties as a function of temperature.
  • HM:In July 2019, an amendment to the RoHS directive will add four phthalates to the list of restricted substances. These four chemicals are widely used for insulated coating materials, electrical insulation tapes and packing films. The HM1000 is a dedicated instrument designed for fast, easy, on-site screening of phthalates. In addition to easy operation, the HM1000 features high-throughput testing that achieves automated analysis of 50 samples in approximately eight hours.

For further information, visit

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science website


XiangDong Ren, Marketing Manager, Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science