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Hitachi High-Tech Nexus Corporation Business Outline

Hitachi, for a bright future for everybody On becoming a specialized trading company

We have the responsibility to better the planet's environment for all the livings on earth in the future. Although each person can contribute only so much, we believe that we can generate significant power when each one of us engages in the same goal with a sense of core.


Hitachi High-Tech Nexus conducts businesses en route to becoming a specialized trading company contributing to the future of our planet's environment, as a team of specialists in our company's primary targeted areas of business, in cooperation with our customers and suppliers who share the same vision as Hitachi High-Tech Nexus and Hitachi High-Tech Group companies.


At our energy group, we strive to provide a stable supply of fuel, from fuel oil, kerosene, and LPG, to light oil and gasoline, which support distribution logistics, through our direct networks with the fuel stations that sell and ship the fuel, and by utilizing our land and marine logistics functions and our own storage facilities. Furthermore, we will also contribute to promoting energy efficiency at sites where products are made, at the suggestion of using high-performance industrial lubricants.


At our chemicals group, businesses are diversified over many industries including autmotive, residential, solar cell, medical, LCD's, semiconductors and consumer electronics.
We also are engaged in eco-friendly businesses, including recycling of refrigerant, which is recovered from home electronics, and recycled resin, as ways to make contribution to the development of recycling society.


At our devices group, we provide such products as semiconductors, electronics, RFID, telecommunication equipment, peripheral equipment, various display devices, storage products, and products that are indispensable to today's IT industry, to many areas pan-industrially through our other specialized knowledge and technologies and our know-how's.
Our product line-up also includes various eco-friendly devices and products, and our state-of-the-art solutions fulfill various needs of our customers.


At our materials group, we will provide solutions to the needs of our customers through our creative process and through cooperation from more than 2,000 companies in Japan and overseas, which are our buyers.
We develop innovative products and services by not only having the individual products but by also combining products and services.
We will continue to provide new technologies and vision to our customers and the world.

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