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Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation Message from the President


"We aim to be a solutions platform that helps customers address their ever-changing issues"

Hitachi High-Tech Solutions is a technology company that works to solve issues faced by its customers using control and operational technologies (OT) cultivated over more than half a century in combination with cutting-edge, IT-infused products and services.
Our experience and track record in addressing issues faced by organizations in the social infrastructure and industrial sectors enables us to understand issues from the same perspective as our customers. We also endeavor to resolve customer issues and support their social and industrial activities by providing them with products and services built around our core technologies of sensing, control, automation and security, as well as infrastructure construction. The OT and IT issues faced by our customers in industrial sectors such as social infrastructure and manufacturing are constantly changing. By acting as a "solutions platform that helps customers address their ever-changing issues," our goal is to continue assisting customers in their creation of value by solving the problems they face now and predicting those they will face in the future.

Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation
Hidetoshi Miura