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Hitachi High-Tech WAY

What Is the Hitachi High-Tech WAY?

The WAY is the philosophy, values and strategies to be shared and implemented by our employees and is the unifying force of the Hitachi High-Tech Group as a whole. In other words, when we are undecided about whether to act or not, or which course of action to take, it is the foundation on which we base our evaluation, and also the very act of considering and sharing our opinions about what it is that we should implement.

What constitutes the WAY?

The WAY consists of our corporate vision of how we want the company to be, our business strategies to realize that vision, and the four SPIRIT values that should be upheld by each employee. The SPIRIT, with its components of CHALLENGE, OPENNESS, SPEED and TEAMWORK, plays a particularly important role as a touchstone for individual and team actions. The Hitachi High-Tech WAY in Practice identifies the SPIRIT as the means to connect our daily tasks with the act of putting the WAY into practice, and clearly explains how it relates to our behavior.

What is the aim of the WAY?

Putting the WAY into practice enables us to provide value for our customers and other stakeholders.
The higher that value, the more our customers appreciate us and the greater the profit for the company and we who work here.
It is also a source of confidence, pride and joy for us.


Business Strategy

Under the Hitachi High-Tech Group Corporate Vision, "Simplify our customers' high-tech processes", and our mission "to help our customers be fast moving, successful, cutting-edge businesses," we use market analysis to locate business opportunities and pursue business that leads to achieving our goals.

As each of us goes about our daily tasks, we should work with an awareness of our business strategies.

Hitachi High-Tech SPIRIT

The SPIRIT is the four values of Challenge, Openness, Speed and Teamwork that we cherish as Hitachi High-Tech Group employees (individuals) and as organizations such as the departments and divisions to which we are members (teams). It is the spirit that should underpin all our actions and the personal commitment that we make.

Hitachi High-Tech SPIRIT