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Biodiversity Conservation Activities

What’s New

Activity Concept

The progress of economic development, and various other developments such as urbanization underway in many regions of the world, has worsened the destruction and pollution of the natural environment and promoted excessive use of resources. The earth is now facing a great threat to its biodiversity. The natural environment, which is critical to the sustainability of all life on Earth, is founded on the healthy sustainment of biodiversity.
The Hitachi High-Tech Corporation aims for future in which both people and future are enriched, and is now taking the following steps to promote biodiversity conservation activities across the entire Group.

image:Activity Concept
image:Activity Concept

Learn More

Activity Concept Introduction Animation
Viewing time: about 3 minutes

Introducing the biodiversity conservation activities being implemented by the Hitachi High-Tech Group.

image:Introduction of Activity Contents

Activity Plans at Each Site

Acting in conformity with Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050, the Hitachi High-Tech Group has formulated a three-year plan for activities from 2019 to 2021. In specific terms, this began with the ecosystem conservation activity headings defined as common indices for the Hitachi Group. From those, we selected headings that the Hitachi High-Tech Group should take measures in.
The three-year activities plan was formulated in accordance with those headings.

The various activities are being promoted voluntarily on the basis of the formulated activities plan. The substance of the activities is also being made open with the aim of heightening awareness in the entire Hitachi Group as well as enhancing the activities. We will also make active efforts to release information about activity cases inside and outside the company.

Ecosystem Conservation Activity Plan (2019- 2021)
Classification Description of Activity
(Activities contributing to positive impact on natural capital)
Number of sites
Management on company properties Conduct third-party assessment to evaluate the management, operation, etc., of eco-friendly green areas 1
Planting of native species (trees, plants, etc.) 3
Survey and protect organisms Monitor organisms, create and update ecosystem map 3
Protect rare native species that live on company properties 1
Heighten employee awareness and knowledge (in-house activities) 9
Employ integrated reports, websites, lectures, and so on to inform people outside the company about measures friendly to ecosystem protection 1
Community Engage in eco-friendly activities such as planting native species and implement desert afforestation and forest cultivation activities by employees in light of forest ecosystem services 2
Raise awareness of and disseminate ecosystem knowledge among local residents 2
Raise awareness of biodiversity protection outside the company 1
Protection of "satoyama" areas of traditional field (forest management) and water source protection outside company properties 2
Social Contributions Clean-up activities for forests, rivers and coastal areas 14
- -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - - - -

The environment that surrounds our lives,

Traditional nature is decreasing, and biodiversity is on the verge of a crisis due to its excessive use and destruction by humans.

Without a rich natural environment that preserves biodiversity, it has a great impact not only on our daily lives but also on the continuation of our corporate activities.

We must conserve biodiversity and contribute to the maintenance of a rich natural environment.

So we first looked at the distant past environment.

In the distant past, people and nature coexisted and there was a rich ecosystem.

Looking at the difference (gap) between the environment of the distant past and the present,

We envisioned the future we are aiming for, from the difference.

Our goal is a "creating a rich future for both humans and nature".

We look at the gap between the future and the present and consider measures for conservation activities.

Our conservation activities emphasize activities on actual place. By touching and feeling the real thing,

We believe that we can see not only environmental issues as familiar issues, but also we can gain the enjoyment and fulfillment of our activities.

It does not mean that conservation activities are finished once they are implemented. We measure the effect and change before and after the activities.

The results of these measurements are analyzed and evaluated,
and the "Vision for the future" is formulated and then, reflected in conservation measures.

Striving to create a rich future for both humans and nature

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