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Introduction of Activity Examples

Introducing the biodiversity conservation activities being implemented by the Hitachi High-Tech Group.

Status of Activities

Hitachi High-tech Group Initiatives

image:Hitachi High-Tech Yasato Forest(Ibaraki)

Afforestation Activity

We have received the loan of 2.3 hectares of national forest in Ishioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, under the Forestry Agency's Corporate Forest Program. This national forest has been named the Hitachi High-Tech Yasato Forest, and we are undertaking a 60-year program of afforestation activity there starting in 2005.

image:Takao Forest Nature School(Tokyo)

Forest maintenance and Nature Observation

The Hitachi High-Tech Group is engaged in maintenance work and biodiversity conservation activities in the forest maintenance area of the Takao Forest Nature School run by the Seven-Eleven Foundation, which is based near Tokyo.

image:Woodland of Hitachi High-Tech Science(Shizuoka))

Nature Restoration Activity within the Base

Approximately 44,000 m2 of woodland at the Hitachi High-Tech Science Fuji Oyama Works (Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture) was named that Hitachi High-Tech Science Forest, and measures intended to restore a thriving natural environment with numerous species are ongoing.

image:Environmental Preservation Activities at the Hitachi High-Tech Saitama Site (Saitama)

Environmental Conservation Activities within the Site and Neighboring Areas

At the Hitachi High-Tech Saitama Site, insect hotels were created in green belts and the ecology of insects that inhabit the site was surveyed.

image:Activities of Hitachi High-Tech Kasado Division (Yamaguchi)

Environmental Conservation Activity within the base and neighboring areas

In the Kasado division of Hitachi High-Tech, we are working to protect the environment on and around the neighborhood of our site.

image:Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Hitachi Forest (Ibaraki) and Inabe Forest (Mie)

Afforestation Activities
Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Hitachi Forest (Ibaraki) and Inabe Forest (Mie)

Hitachi High-Tech Fielding is promoting afforestation activities in Hitachi Forest (Ibaraki) and Inabe Forest (Mie) by making use of the Forestry Agency's Corporate Forest Program for the loan of land in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture (started in 2002 with 1.8 hectares), and in Inabe City, Mie Prefecture (started in 2003 with 1.0 hectare).

image:Activities of Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Mito Works (Ibaraki)

Environmental Conservation Activity within the Base and Neighboring Areas

The Mito works of Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation conducts a bio-survey in the vicinity of reservoirs on their campus.


Environmental Conservation Activity within the Base and Neighboring Areas

Hitachi Instrument (Suzhou), Ltd., is engaged in environmental conservation activities such as tree-planting on the premises and cleaning activities in the suburbs of Suzhou.

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