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Takao Forest Nature School (Tokyo)

As a base near Tokyo, the Hitachi High-Tech Group conducts activities in the forest maintenance area of the Takao Forest Nature School run by the SEVEN-ELEVEN FOUNDATION in Hachioji City. We learn the importance of biodiversity from forest maintenance and nature observation.

image: Takao Forest Nature School (Tokyo)

Status of Activities

Main Initiatives

1. On-Site Activities

Volunteer employees and their families participated in on-site activities two times, in spring and autumn, in FY2022. At the site, Takao Forest Nature School staff provided an overview of the facilities and explained the details of the activities, and the volunteers then moved to the forest maintenance area, where they cut bamboo grass and weeds, cleared brush, and removed dead trees and logs. Later, they observed the interior of nesting materials in insect hotels in which insects live that were installed three years earlier to check on the maintenance and the status of use by insects. In the autumn, the volunteers also performed craft work (making Christmas wreaths) using materials collected from the school grounds. Through lectures on preserving biodiversity and activities in the forest maintenance area, participants are able to renew their understanding concerning the relationships between natural forests and people and learn about the biodiversity and importance of forest wildlife.

Activity in the forest maintenance area
Activity in the forest maintenance area
Group photo of the participants
Group photo of the participants

2. Biodiversity preservation activities that can be performed at home (remote work)

During the autumn, employees and their families made Christmas wreaths at their homes using materials such as rings woven from vines and pine cones collected at the site when performing forest maintenance as well as ribbons and artificial poinsettias. This is an activity (remote work) performed at home that conveys to the participants the importance of biodiversity preservation measures. Similar to the activities conducted on-site, the participants had the opportunity to learn about nature and biodiversity by making Christmas wreaths that effectively use natural materials.

A Christmas wreath made by an employee
A Christmas wreath made by an employee

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