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We fulfill our social obligations as a corporate citizen by leveraging the business characteristics of the Hitachi High-Tech Group to contribute to local areas and communities.

Basic Approach (Policy on Social Contribution Activities)

The Hitachi High-Tech Group will continue to pursue and promote social contribution activities that live up to the Hitachi High-Tech name, and we will fulfill our corporate social responsibility with the aim of helping to resolve social issues. We take this approach on the basis of the overall policy of the Hitachi Group. We also consider it necessary to engage in continuing social contribution activities in order to increase corporate value over the medium and long-term. Therefore we have designated "human resource development," "environmental conservation," and "local contribution" as our three focus areas for social contribution activities in anticipation of conditions 10 and 20 years ahead, and we will take action in these areas accordingly.

Diagram of Three Priority Areas for Social Contribution Activities

Hitachi High-Tech's Targeted Direction

Our Group has taken into consideration the changing business environment and social circumstances, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are common rules positioned by the international community as targets to be achieved, and in this light we have defined our Materiality (key issues). We take this Materiality into account when promoting social contribution activities, as well, and we will aim to realize activities that are tied together with business that engages with solutions to social issues.
When engaging in these activities, we will seek to make effective use of the technology and products we have cultivated through business to support science education, and we will engage in distinctive social contribution activities that make full use of the skills and knowledge of our employees. In these ways, we will contribute to local cultures and to the resolution of various social issues, including the development of human resources in the sciences , changes in ecosystems, and so on. By extension, this will contribute to our building relationships of trust with our stakeholders, and over the long term will also tie in with actions to enhance corporate value as well as to secure outstanding human resources.

Social Contribution Activities

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