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Hitachi High-Tech Science Launches Optional Software for Thermal Analyzers to Support Data Management

Helps improve reliability through support features for entering measurement conditions, data management, and more

Oct 17, 2022


Automatic entry of measurement conditions using a barcode reader, 
and the software screen after automatic entry
[Automatic entry of measurement conditions using a barcode reader,
and the software screen after automatic entry]

Tokyo, October 17, 2022 – Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation (Hitachi High-Tech Science) today announced that it is launching a new optional data input and output support software package for its thermal analyzers that automates measurement entry conditions and supports easier management of data. Businesses are increasingly using thermal analyzers to analyze a wide variety of samples when monitoring the quality of various materials. With this software update, Hitachi High-Tech Science will help to solve problems like human error when entering various measurement conditions and reading analysis results faced during measurement and analysis.

Product Development Background

Thermal analyzers measure a material's basic properties in relation to heat (i.e., its thermophysical properties). With thermal analysis, it is possible to measure changes in a material's properties such as heat absorption and generation, mass, volume, and elasticity when heat is applied. It is used to assess thermophysical properties, not just in the research and development of various new materials, but also in the fields of quality control and testing.
In recent years, thermal analyzers have become more widely used for quality control and testing of materials with a wide variety of samples handled with growing regularity. But because measurement conditions like heating time and heating speed vary from sample to sample, human errors such as inaccurate inputs and misread analysis results can creep in. When a high volume of samples needs to be analyzed time and labor costs associated with extensive data entry and managing high volumes of results bring additional challenges.
In light of these issues, there is a clear need for software that can eliminate errors when entering measurement conditions and help to manage high volumes of measurement results data.

Product Overview

Hitachi High-Tech Science is pleased to announce the launch of its optional data input and output support software package for thermal analyzers, which automates the entry of measurement conditions and helps customers manage testing and measurement results data. This optional software allows measurement conditions, which previously had to be entered manually, to be obtained from a sample's identifying information by scanning barcodes linked to each sample with a barcode reader. When used in conjunction with Hitachi High-Tech Science's Automatic Analysis Software*1, not only can post-measurement analysis be carried out automatically, but administrative data and analysis results can also be output as sets in an easy-to-manage format. As well as preventing human error during configuration of measurement conditions, management of analysis results data is made easier, leading to increased reliability during quality control and R&D.

The main features of this software update are:

1. Automatic entry of measurement conditions

Allows measurement conditions to be input automatically by scanning identifying information, such as barcodes linked to each sample, with a barcode reader. This feature can also be used in conjunction with an autosampler to automatically test a large number of samples, helping to eliminate human error when entering measurement conditions.

2. Data management support

This feature allows information such as test items, lot numbers and serial numbers to be exported together with thermal analysis results data. Data can be exported to CSV, Excel, and text formats, making internal management of analysis results data even easier and contributing to improved reliability during quality control.

Hitachi High-Tech Science continues to support research, development, and quality control work in a wide variety of subject areas to improve the quality of life of those involved. As Hitachi High-Tech Group, we continue to refine the core technologies used in analysis and strive to produce dedicated measurement and testing solutions for our key markets to help to address societal issues related to the environment, resilience, security and safety.

Automatic Analysis Software: An optional software package that carries out analysis, plotting and saving of analysis results by automatically running standard and analysis programs after measurement.

About Hitachi High-Tech

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