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About the Customer's ID Documents

In case the customer makes a request for notification of purpose of use according to Article 24-2 of the Act on Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter, "the Act"), or for disclosure according to Article 25-1 of the Act, the customer shall submit an ID document for the person concerned from the standpoint of preventing leaks of personal information. In case a proxy for the customer makes the request, ID documents for both the customer and the proxy are required. In addition, in case the person concerned is not yet 15 years of age, the legal representative of the person concerned shall make the request. Please see below for information on ID documents.

1. The Person Concerned

One of the following valid documents (Note: Copies do not include images taken by digital camera or scanner and then printed.)

  • Copy of driver's license
    (Since the family register item is not needed, please delete with a permanent marker etc.)
    Note: If the address has been changed, please attach a copy of the reverse side after processing the address change.
  • Copy of the Basic Resident Register Card
    Note: B type document with photograph, name, and date of birth and address (current address)
    A copy of the reverse side is necessary in case of a change of address in the same municipal district.
  • Copy of passport
    Note: Copies of both the photo page and the bearer page (name, address and other entries) are needed.
  • Copy of pension book
  • Copy of social welfare book
  • Copy of health insurance card
    Note: Please be sure to enter the current address in the address field.
  • Copy of alien registration card or certificate of information recorded on foreign resident registration file (in case of a foreigner)

2. Proxy

The following documents issued within the past three months

  • In case of parental authority (Article 818 of the Civil Code)
    Documents to prove the relationship with the person concerned such as an official copy of the family register or official copy of part of the family register
  • In case of guardian of an adult (Articles 8 and 843 of the Civil Code)
    Certificate of registered matters
  • In case of guardian of a minor (Articles 839 and 840 of the Civil Code)
    Certificate of registered matters
  • In case of discretionary proxy
    (Note: limited to cases where the person concerned is 15 or older.)
    Power of attorney signed and sealed by the person concerned (original)

3. Guardian of adult is a legal entity

Any one of a certified copy of register, a certified extract copy of register, a certificate of current particulars or a certificate of a part of current particulars (Note: limited to documents issued within the past three months.)