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7180 Clinical Analyzer

7180 Clinical Analyzer

The 7180 is a medium-sized biochemistry automatic analyzer.
The minimum required amount of reaction solution is smaller due to a new optical design, and running cost is lower and working efficiency higher because the operating unit is usable in the same way as a general-purpose personal computer. Further, this analyzer features a wide range of applications including routine, stat and special analyses.


Operating Unit

The analyzer is now easier to operate than before because of its user interface featur-ing an operability unique to a general-pur-pose OS (Windows®) and the touch screen.

Analytical Unit

The Model 7180 has been developed after deliberation on how best to make opera-tions comfortable and analysis smooth.Its operator-friendly design concept is visible everywhere from the action warning lamp to the transparent top cover which allows checking of the disks at any time.

Routine Test

The 7180 has a high capability of simultaneous 86 channels and 800 tests/hour adequate as a routine analyzer and has a flexibility in application to new tests and new assays.The enriched flexible random access function wider in degree of freedom has raised the potentiality of clinical tests to an even higher level.

Stat Test

Operations can all be performed just by selecting the global menu items and following the directions given in the stat simple analysis window or sample tracking win-dow. In addition, the function for host communication of each test enables users to obtain information about a target sample even before completion of all tests, so this function is applicable to stat tests.

Example of system layout


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