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Laboratory Automation Systems

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Laboratory Automation Systems

Hitachi Pre-Analytical Process Automation System can automate various laboratory processes ranging from centrifuging to sample partitioning and analysis, increasing the efficiency and safety of laboratory work.

Sample Preparation System LabFLEX2600G

Automated Sample Preparation System LabFLEX3500

Friendliness to user -- this is one of the elements we pursued with LabFLEX3500.
We have set out for improved operation such as automated supply of secondary tubes, bundled transport of error sample and easy operation for every module.
And last, but not the least, Hitachi's tireless enthusiasm and commitment, nurturing high performance Aliquot technology for over 30 years.
LabFLEX3500, the automated sample preparation system that has integrated user friendliness and high performance, provides the best solution for you.

Sample Preparation System LabFLEX2600G

Sample Preparation System LabFLEX2600G

The LabFLEX2600G Pre-analytical Specimen Processing/Aliquoting System is a space-saving, all-in-one system. It handles pre-analytical specimen processes from specimen arrival checks, de-capping, aliquoting, and labeling of the daughter specimen containers, to external transport.
Two models are available to accommodate the size and operational needs of your laboratory: the Standard Model, with wide space for daughter specimen aliquot area, and the Daughter Specimen Transport Model, capable to transport daughter specimen containers.

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