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Automated Sample Preparation System LabFLEX3500


Friendliness to user -- this is one of the elements we pursued with LabFLEX3500.
We have set out for improved operation such as automated supply of secondary tubes, bundled transport of error sample and easy operation for every module.
And last, but not the least, Hitachi's tireless enthusiasm and commitment, nurturing high performance Aliquot technology for over 30 years.
LabFLEX3500, the automated sample preparation system that has integrated user friendliness and high performance, provides the best solution for you.

Realization of high speed and highly precise aliquot

Hitachi has successfully made high-precision Aliquot (CV1.0%, or less, absolute amount within ±3%), one of its highly proud Aliquot technologies, into high speed operation.
By adopting 3-nozzle variable-pitch Aliquot mechanism, it has high processing performance of more than 500 primary tubes/hour even for 1:2 Aliquot.
It provides enough processing power during peak hours of high sample demand and leads to shorter turn around time(TAT) of test result reporting.

When a system is configured with Secondary tube Preparation and Transfer module (High-speed type)


Automation secondary tube supply

Hitachi has realized automated secondary tube supply by built-in tube feeder. It supports simultaneous use of up to 4 tube types from commercially available tubes and allows tube selection for use depending on test items.
In addition, it is equipped with automatic Barcode label checker so that a label can be reissued in case of erroneously printed, illegible or incorrectly placed labels, to avoid errors in the test process and achieve higher reliability.


Support for recovery processing

When Aliquot errors such as insufficient sample volume and fibrin detection are encountered, the primary and secondary tube can be automatically transferred to a dedicated area without interrupting the ongoing processing.
Because the primary and secondary tubes are bundled as a set, there is no need for searching samples, so that the subsequent recovery is processed more efficiently.


Easy operation

Touch-panel-based system assists operators with easy operation.
The operation is further improved, for example, now that the alarm can be released from the front switch touch panel of each module.


Front access / Open style

All the operations, such as supply and removal of samples, supply and disposal of consumables, are accessible from the front.
The front protective hood also provides high visibility to inside of the instruments, so the status of sample processing can be easily verified with comfort by users during operation. By opening the protective hood, sample extraction, alarm releasing and equipment cleaning can be easily done.


A variety of system configurations

A variety of systems can be configured by combining functional modules, to suit the needs of different sizes, operational methods and various other requirements of facilities.
In addition, by combining units such as transport and turn units, a transport system can be configured to fit the layout and conditions of the facility.

Type E Aliquot module + Secondary Tube Preparation and Transfer module (High speed type)
Type E
Aliquot module + Secondary Tube
Preparation and Transfer module (High speed type)
Type DE De-cap module + Type E
Type DE
De-cap module + Type E
Type PE Aliquot module + Type E
Type PE
Aliquot module + Type E
Type FE Secondary Tube Preparation module(No sort table type) + Type E
Type FE
Secondary Tube Preparation module
(No sort table type) + Type E

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