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Healthcare Business Purpose

Innovating Healthcare, Embracing the Future
Innovating Healthcare, Embracing the Future

Healthcare Vision Concept

Global Healthcare is facing a period of major change characterized by the increasing incidence of a variety of diseases, the challenges of regional disparities in the provision of healthcare and increase in healthcare cost. To address these fundamental issues, Hitachi delivers innovations that answer to these challenges faced around the world.

Hitachi's core strengths in healthcare:

Comprehensive capabilities for healthcare leadership in global social systems
Development capabilities for the collaborative creation of products and services with our partners in the healthcare industry
Innovative capabilities that draw on digital × products cultivated for many years

By collaborating with diverse partners, employing technologies from various industries and drawing upon our experience developing user-friendly healthcare products, we are helping to deliver healthcare services tailored to individuals, and contributing to the realization of a sustainable social system, aiming to deepen the diagnosis, treatment and improve the Quality of Life.

We will contribute to healthcare innovation through global teamwork to create societies in which everyone enjoys a healthy way of life that is secure and safe.

Healthcare Vision Concept and Hitachi Group Identity

The Hitachi Group Identity expresses the principles and values shared by the Hitachi Group as "One Hitachi." The Healthcare Vision Concept is an action plan that concretely expresses the Hitachi Group Vision that forms part of this Hitachi Group Identity specializing in the healthcare sector.