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Global Leaders of Advanced Particle Therapy gathered at Hitachi’s Users’ Meeting 2019

Hitachi’s Users’Meeting 2019
Attendees of Hitachi’s Users’ Meeting 2019

Tokyo, November 14, 2019 --- Hitachi welcomed leaders from its particle therapy centers around the world to its fifth Users' Meeting held in Tokyo on November 6th and 7th. Members from twenty-eight world-class particle therapy facilities in the United States, Japan, China, Asia and Europe joined the meeting to share their experiences with the management, engineering teams and fellow users of Hitachi's systems.

Particle therapy is an advanced form of radiation therapy for cancer patients, which offers less invasive treatments than surgery and with minimal side effects. This allows for even the elderly to undergo treatment with faster rehabilitation. As a result, demand for particle therapy systems are increasing around the world. Since 2001, Hitachi has partnered with the world's most advanced treatment centers where over 65,000 patients have been treated to date with its systems, establishing a proven track record of high reliability.

The Hitachi’s Users' Meeting has been held since 2015 and is a forum where the world's leading radiation oncologists, medical physicists and other medical professionals gather to share clinical experiences, opinions and requests on current products and future developments. Critical input from the last four Users' Meetings have helped refine new technologies and achieve shorter treatment times. These and other achievements will be used to further strengthen Hitachi’s R&D Roadmap, bringing further clinical benefits to patients.

This year’s Users’ Meeting was set with the theme of “Closing the Gap (Workflow Improvement)” having sessions on topics for important future developments within the user community. The Users and Hitachi had interactive discussions on synchrotron-based ultra-high dose irradiation, better dosimetric resolution, on-line adaptive therapy and better image-guided radiation therapy. Each session was discussed from the clinical, physical and technical aspects.

Hitachi will continue striving to provide superior solutions as the leader in particle therapy through future Users' Meetings and collaborative activities with our customers. Hitachi hopes to contribute to the medical community by providing solutions truly needed by clinicians and their patients through improving medical quality and efficacy via innovative new healthcare solutions.