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Particle Therapy Solution

Why Hitachi

Technology for
saving people from
cancer while maintaining
their daily life

Prioritizing patients' QOL first, Hitachi provides cancer treatment
solutions which are less invasive and with lower radiation exposure.
Together with medical institutions, we aim for treatments
which are less painful and require fewer hospital visit.

Why Hitachi

Diversity of
treatment methods

Hitachi offers proton, heavy-ion and hybrid therapy system,
which can irradiate multiple ion species,
so medical institutions can select the best treatment for various types of cancer.

Why Hitachi

System design from the
perspective of medical staff

An automated and efficient treatment workflow contributes to
operational efficiency including less stress on the medical staff.
Hitachi provides a system that can be operated with a small number of medical staff.

Why Hitachi

product design

Hitachi particle therapy system is designed with
low radiation immittance and with high energy efficiency,
carrying out social activities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why Hitachi

Digital Solution Service
for Cancer Care

Utilizing treatment prognosis information, we aim to promote the development of
digital solutions that support the selection of treatment methods suitable for
individual patients in order to improve patients’ QOL.


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