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Hybrid Particle Therapy System

Hitachi provides a Hybrid particle therapy system which can irradiate both proton and carbon-ion from one accelerator.

Advantage of Hybrid particle therapy system

  • Through a comparison dose distribution of proton and carbon-ion, a particle most suitable for individual patients can be selected.
  • From the aspects of gathering patients and reimbursement model, hybrid system can be more advantageous than carbon-ion system since there are countries which offer reimbursements or government support for proton therapy only.
  • Proton and Carbon-ion Therapy both have its advantages.
    1. Many pediatric cancers are treated with Proton therapy.
    2. Since the biological effects (RBE) of x-ray and proton are almost equivalent,
      the knowledge of conventional x-ray radiotherapy can be used for proton therapy while the dose concentration can be further improved, reducing side effects.
    3. Carbon-ion therapy is expected to be effective against cancers which are resistant to conventional radiation therapy such as sarcoma and adenocarcinoma, locally advanced cancers, and deep-seated cancers.
    4. Carbon-ion radiotherapy requires less treatment time than conventional x-ray radiotherapy and proton therapy, reducing the burden on patients and medical staffs.

Hybrid Particle Therapy System Major specification

Today, Hitachi provides service & maintenance for Hybrid Particle Therapy System in Japan.
In May 2019, Hitachi was selected to provide a Hybrid Particle Therapy System to a hospital in China and is proceeding the preparation for installation.

  • ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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