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HyBEAT Heavy-ion Therapy System HyBEAT

In the field of cancer therapy, Heavy-ion*1 is another word for carbon-ion (C6+). Heavy-ion is said to have a better dose concentration than proton, with 2-3 times greater in killing effect on cancer cells. This effect can reduce the number of fractions and shorten the treatment period.
Heavy-ion therapy is also expected to be effective against cancers which are resistant to conventional x-ray radiation therapy such as sarcoma and adenocarcinoma, locally advanced cancers, and deep-seated cancers.
Heavy-ion Therapy System HyBEAT

*1 Heavy-ion beam:
In a broad sense, heavy ion beams include beams of any particles that are heavier than electrons. In Japanese heavy ion radiotherapy, the term "heavy ion beam" indicates a nucleus (heavy ion) beam of any atom that is heavier than helium (He), or that has an atomic number larger than that of helium. For almost 20 years in Japan, carbon ion beams have been used for heavy ion beam therapy. At present, therefore, "heavy ion beams" indicates "carbon ion beams.
※Reference to the definition of heavy-ion beam by Particle Radiotherapy Promotion Group(P-RAP)

Aiming to realize patient-friendly cancer therapy - Co-creation with Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center -

Treatment room to put patients at ease

  • 2018 GOOD DESIGN AWARD (Japan)
  • 2019 iF Design Award (Germany)

Heavy-ion Therapy System HyBEAT Major specification

Compact Accelerator

By downsizing the synchrotron accelerator, Hitachi can provide a compact system that can be installed even in the middle of crowded cities.

  • the world‘s smallest 430 MeV/u synchrotron
  • Reduction of equipment space by placing the injector inside the synchrotron
  • ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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