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Power-Efficient & Clean Accelerator

Hitachi’s product design focuses on importance to sustainability.
We strive to reduce the financial impact on hospital facilities by providing an environment-friendly system.


Due to the high efficiency of particle beam supply and utilization, including beam irradiation, our system is optimized to operate at very low power requirements, saving on electrical utility cost.

Reduction of radiation shielding thickness

In a synchrotron accelerator system, the energy of the particle beam is controlled by the accelerator itself and does not require a mechanical degrader. Therefore, the number of neutrons generated from the treatment system is extremely low, which reduces the thickness of the shielding walls.

High system availability

When urgent maintenance of the system is required, the maintenance staff can enter the equipment room without having to wait for the neutrons to decay, providing a higher treatment throughput for hospitals.

Easier decommissioning

Decommission of a particle therapy system may become an issue after many years of use. Since Hitachi's particle therapy system is low in radiation and can keep the radiation level of the building interior walls low, future disposal costs should be minimal.

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