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PROBEAT SERIES Proton Therapy System

Imaging Technology

Image Guided Patient Positioning System

Hitachi Particle Therapy system has 3D/3D, 3D/2D matching mode for image guided patient positioning system.*1
6- Degree of Freedom(DOF) automatic matching for patient positioning can be used for daily treatment.

  • *1 PMDA Approval No.:22600BZX00068000
  • *1 PMDA Approval No.:22600BZX00068000

Gantry-mounted Cone Beam CT

  • The rotating gantry mounted CBCT system*2 provides three-dimensional anatomical images of patients, at isocenter immediately prior to being treated.
  • It is possible to perform the patient positioning at isocenter which contributes to improve treatment throughput.
  • Standard specification in PROBEAT Series.
  • *2 PMDA Approval No.:22600BZX00068000
    Standard specification on systems ordered after 2015

Hitachi Ltd. News Release May 20, 2016

2-axis CBCT

  • Hitachi applied a 2-axis CBCT*3 function for proton therapy.
  • Compared with a 1-axis CBCT imaging, two pairs of orthogonal X-ray imaging systems are used simultaneously, shortening the imaging time by 35%.
  • This is useful in the following cases,
    1. When it is necessary to shorten the imaging time.
    2. When there is a gantry rotation angle limitation due to interference by the patient immobilizer.
  • *3 PMDA Approval No.:22600BZX00068000

Enhancing Cone Beam CT function

Aiming for less invasive treatment, Hitachi will continue to pursue the technologies for adaptive therapy.

Large field of view & High resolution

Hitachi is pursuing a field of view(FOV) size that enables patient positioning by using the entire body trunk image, and imaging quality that can be used for accurate treatment re-planning.

Hitachi is developing a large FOV of (half-fan) φ60 cm or more that can image the entire body trunk of most patients.

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