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PROBEAT SERIES Proton Therapy System

Motion Management

Real-time Image Gating System

Since targets such as lung or liver will move due to respiration or other factors, motion management system is required to satisfy the following items.

  • Recognizing the moving tumor position in real time
  • Accurate irradiation for moving tumors

Technology for moving targets

Hitachi’s Real-time image Gating system for Proton Therapy(RGPT) is an innovation that enables an accurate high dose beam delivery to moving tumors while sparing surrounding healthy tissues and organs.
RGPT recognizes the position of fiducial marker inserted near the tumor and irradiate only when the marker is within the specified range.

RGPT has been co-developed by Hokkaido University, combining Hokkaido University’s Real-time Tumor-tracking technique with Hitachi‘s Spot Scanning *1*2 , a technology which was first in the world for clinical use.

Real-time Image Gating System for Proton Therapy

  • 2014:Approved by Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency in Japan*3
  • 2017:Approved by Food and Drug Administration in USA*4
  • 2020:CE Marking in EU*5
  • *1 FDA 510(k) Approval No. :K073059
  • *2 PMDA Approval No.:22200BZX00124000
  • *3 PMDA Approval No. :22600BZX00068000(Received PMDA certification in Proton Therapy System equipped with RGPT)
  • *4 FDA 510(k) No. :K171049
  • *5 MDD Approval No. :HD 60148294(Received MDD certification in Proton Therapy System equipped with RGPT)

Third party compatibility in Respiratory Gating System

Hitachi’s particle therapy system has compatibility with Respiratory Gating System which is also used in X-ray radiotherapy.

Connection records

  • Respiratory Gating System of Anzai Medical Co., Ltd. : applied in Japan
  • ※Regarding the connection with other respiratory gating systems, please contact us.

Motion Management

Two technologies, Real-time Image Gating and Respiratory Gating can be equipped in one system and can be easily switched through a single click.

2-axis and 4-dimensional Cone Beam CT

With the purpose of improving accuracy of patient positioning when treating moving tumors, Hitachi has co-developed a 2-axis and 4-dimensional Cone Beam CT(4D-CBCT)*6 technology with Hokkaido University and received approval by the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency.

With this technology, it is possible to acquire clear three-dimensional images of tumors and surrounding tissues in moving targets, which have been difficult to perceive with two-dimensional X-ray images and conventional CBCT.

With an aim to applying this to adaptive therapy, Hitachi will continue to pursue the development of 2-axis and 4D-CBCT technology

  • *6 PMDA Approval No.:22600BZX00068000
  • ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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