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Compact CE Sequencer DS3000

Compact CE Sequencer DS3000

A compact, convenient, easy-to-use DNA sequencer

The DS3000 inherits the same core capillary electrophoresis technology developed by Hitachi High-Tech over many decades – now in a compact, easier than ever to use, system.
Sequencing analysis and fragment analysis can be performed easily.

Sales area: Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan(*)
*Sales starts when ready


Intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen panel

The screen is equipped with a touch-panel GUI that saves space and improves operability. System management and run conditions can be reviewed at a glance simplifying the genetic analyses process.


The intuitively designed touch screen panel puts ease of use and operability first.
The four main operations of Run Measurement, Review Results, Maintenance, and Protocols are clearly displayed.
The detail of each operation is available at a single touch.

Easy to install cartridge system

The DS3000 adopts easily installable cartridges for the capillaries and reagents.


Reduced maintenance frequency

  • No need to clean a pump
    By developing a syringe-type polymer cartridge having a high-durability movable seal, and making the liquid transport system pump-less, eliminates pump maintenance.
  • No need to remove bubbles
    By adopting an unique polymer injection system, it is not necessary to remove bubbles at the time of polymer filling, reducing excess polymer consumption.
  • Less frequent light source replacement
    Pulse signal control means LD is only on during detection. The shortened illumination time increases the useful lifespan, especially when compared to complicated and expensive light sources such as Argon gas lasers.

Reduced footprint

The incorporated touch screen has reduced the DS3000 to the compact dimensions of 400 mm wide × 600 mm deep × 600 mm high.


Enhanced user convenience

  • Equipped with remote monitoring system
    By incorporating a remote monitoring system, it is possible to monitor the instrument state, set assay conditions, display analysis results, and prepare reports from a Web browser.
  • Utilizes an ordinary general-purpose PC to reducing set-up costs
    The instrument can simply be added to existing networks with secondary analysis and reporting allocated to a standard PC.

Application [Sequencing analysis]

Contiguous Read Length


Sequencing was performed using the BigDye® Terminator v3.1 Sequencing Standard Kit in Standard Sequencing mode. The electropherogram data display demonstrates high resolution and accurate QV values were maintained at 500 bp. Contiguous Read Length of 600 bp or higher in Fast Sequencing mode, or at 700 bp or higher in Standard Sequencing are typical and reproducible.

Application [Fragment analysis]

Human Identification (HID)


200 pg of 2800 M control DNA was amplified with a PowerPlexTM Fusion 6C System, and subjected with the Promega® 6 dye system compliant electrophoresis module. The obtained (fsa), file was analyzed and visualized by a secnodary software, GeneMarker HID.

*  The electropherogram view is obtained from GeneMarker HID (SoftGenetics, LLC, sold separately)


■Main unit specifications
Item Details
Number of capillaries 4
Capillary length 36 cm
Sample format 8-tube strip × 4
Device control Touch panel PC
Number of Dyes 6
Application Sequencing analysis / Fragment analysis
Size 400 (W) × 600 (D) × 600 (H) mm
Weight 45 kg
Performance guarantee temperature 15 – 30°C
Performance guarantee humidity 20 – 80% RH (no condensation)
Power input 100 – 240 ±10% VAC,50/60 Hz
Rated power 260 VA
Supported secondary analysis software
  • Mutation Surveyor (SoftGenetics, LLC, sold separately)
  • GeneMarker (SoftGenetics, LLC, sold separately)
  • GeneMarker HID (SoftGenetics, LLC, sold separately)
■Run module specifications
Run Module Application Polymer
Contiguous Read Length*1
(bp, QV20 CRL)
Average run time
Fast_Sequence36_Polymer7 Sequencing analysis Polymer7 ≥600 ≤32
Standard_Sequence36_Polymer7 Sequencing analysis Polymer7 ≥700 ≤60
BDx_Fast_Sequence36_Polymer7 BDx sequencing analysis Polymer7 ≥600 ≤32
BDx_Standard_Sequence36_Polymer7 BDx sequencing analysis Polymer7 ≥700 ≤60
Run Module Application Polymer
Average run time
Sizing precision*2
Fragment_Analysis36_Polymer7 Fragment analysis Polymer7 ≤35 NA
Fragment_Analysis36_Polymer4 Fragment analysis Polymer4 ≤44 <0.16
■Consumables specifications
Product name Part number Details Remarks
Capillary Cartridge 36 cm 613-0330 1 pcs Storage temperature:
15 – 30°C
Buffer 613-0252 Anode Buffer × 2 cartridges
Cathode Buffer × 2 cartridges
Storage temperature:
2 – 10°C
Polymer7 613-0251 4 cartridges Storage temperature:
2 – 10°C
Polymer4 613-0250 4 cartridges Storage temperature:
2 – 10°C
Septa for Cathode Buffer Cartridge 613-7231 10 pcs  
Retainer for Cathode Buffer Cartridge 613-7233 4 pcs  
Septa for 8 well tubes 613-7230 24 pcs  
Base and Retainer for 8 well tubes 613-7232 4 pcs  
Anode Electrode Assembly 613-7263 1 pcs  

*1 Contiguous Read Length (bp, QV20 CRL) is measured with BigDye® Terminator v3.1. Sequencing Standard Kit (Thermo Fisher Scientific, sold separately)

*2 Sizing precision (bp,50~400bp) is measured with PowerPlexTM ESI17 Fast Allelic Ladder and WEN ILS 500 ESS. (Promega, sold separately)

* BigDye is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

* Promega, PowerPlex is a registered trademark of Promega Corporation.

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