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Integrated Instrumentation System EX-N01A

Integrated Instrumentation System EX-N01A

Since its launch in 1975, Hitachi integrated instrumentation system EX series has been used as a supervisory control system in various fields like chemical processing, food, pharmaceuticals, energy, water treatment and environment.
This time, to provide the best operation beyond the reliability Hitachi has established so far, we have fundamentally reviewed its functions.


Liberation from operational stress

The human-machine interface is reviewed for comfortable operation.
Operability and efficiency are improved to offer safe operating environment


Necessary information is provided by windowing for secure and efficient operations


1.Frame tree

You can open graphics, trends, instruments and other elements from the Frame tree. The Frame trees consists of three components (User tree, Frame composition tree, and Menu tree). User tree composition can be customized for each login user.


2. Multi window operation

You can open up to five windows of graphics, trends and other elements at the same time in a canvas.
The windows can be freely arranged, and scaled up or down.


Sequence control by a time chart optimized for comprehending mutual relationship of output devices

Complex movement of batch process is described with a time chart. The current and following processes can be understood by defining processes, output patterns, and conditional expressions. You can visually observe and operate the process by functions such as explanation of signals, on/off state display, timer/counter display, and automatic scrolling of the current step.


Other than these, a lot of rich operation functions are installed. Please click the inquiry button for the details.


Liberation from hardware and location restriction

Thin client terminals do not depend on hardware and OS version.*
Various operating environments such as the operator’s consoles of wireless tablet PC are available.

* Remote desktop support is required.

Highly reliable hardware group

Concentrate technologies unique to the Hitachi group to ensure high reliability.

1. Operator’s console

In-house hardware is employed for operator’s consoles.
We offer models with higher reliability by adopting ECC memory as the main storage and doubling the hard disk.
You can select from two types of chassis, console and half console, for the installation environment and intended use


* In addition to the above, PC server types are available

2. Dedicated Operation Keyboard

Seventy six programmable function keys are provided for quick call-up of the desired screen.
Inching operation of multiple instruments is more easily accomplished compared to key input.


3. Multi-controller

The RISC-processor SH4 microcomputer*developed by Hitachi’s original microcomputer technology is employed to realize superlative control performance and high-speed calculations. Having a field-proven reputation as a built-in RISC CPU in many applications, the SH4 microcomputer excels in operational stability.

* Manufactured by Renesas Electronics Corporation.

Compatibility of EX series

EX-N01A is highly compatible with the previous EX series.
It can be connected to the control LAN of the existing EX series, making possible a phased update.
We offer a system construction tailored to the customer's needs.



Liberation from programming skills

The description method of instrumentation oriented language SLC was reformed.
The control software can be constructed by the specification description method, and the programming skills are not needed.

Specification description method

You can construct control software by describing the specification.
You can also reuse desired parts. Thus this product contributes to efficient engineering.

1. Sequence Construction (time chart)


2. Loop Construction


Software for constructing monitoring or control functions

Besides Loop Construction and Sequence Construction, the following software are inherited from the previous EX series to this product.



System scales
Model EX-N01A
Number of stationsOperator’s console (POC) 16 units (total number of POCs and terminal servers)
Multi-controller (MLC) 32
Operator’s consoleSub-operator’s console or client operation console 1unit/POC or 8units/terminal server
Printer 1 to 4 units/POC or terminal server
Scale of monitoring and operationNumber of instrument tagsLoop 24,576
Flow 4,096
Sequence 10,656
Valve/ motor 31,744
Number of trend indication pointsReal-time 6,144
Batch 2,048
Number of graphic screens 2,000
Recipe managementNumber of recipes 2,000
Number of data elements/ recipes 2,000
Number of categories 16
Report (logging)Number of processes
(periodic reporting/ batch reporting)
Number of reports 256
Number of data collection points 2,000/process
Number of operator’s guide points 64,000
Number of user alarm points 64,000
Specifications of multi-controller
Model MLC-N01A
Computational section CPU: 32-bit microprocessor
Memory: With ECC (battery backup provided)
Detection of power failure at moment: Provided
Option: Duplication of computation unit
Control scale per controller Analog inputs 768
Analog outputs 768
Digital inputs 4,000
Digital outputs 4,000
Control loops 768
Number of flows 128
Sequence maps 333
Timer-counters 1,000
Valves/motors 992

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