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Model FUR-3 Hitachi Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Model FUR-3 Hitachi Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Model FUR-3 ultrasonic flowmeter can be attached to the existing piping without cutting the pipe.


Comes with rich intelligent functions as a standard equipment

  • Integration function, span setting and multi-range function.
  • Damping function and forward-reverse switching function.

Selects optimum measurement method

1 traverse or 2 traverse or 4 traverse

A variety of display functions

  • A large liquid crystal display with improved legibility
  • A simplified flow rate trend display is provided as a standard feature
  • Settings can be modified via simple operation on the front panel
Multiple data display
Example of a trend display screen


Major Specifications
Measured fluid water supply, agricultural/industrial water, river water, seawater, pure water, etc.
Fluid turbidity 10,000 degrees (10,000 ppm) and less
Applicable pipePipe material Steel, cast iron, ductile cast iron, SUS, vinyl chloride resin, FRP
Diameter 300 – 6,000 mm (used with a large diameter type sensor)
50 – 250 mm (used with a small diameter type sensor)
Installation conditions
(D: diameter)
Straight pipe: upstream 10D and longer, downstream 5D
and longer (30D – 50D and longer from an upstream pump)
Measuring rangeFlow velocity range –30 – 30 m/s
Measurement accuracy 0.8 - 30 m/s: +/-1.0% of reading,
Power supply 100V AC、115V ±10%
Ambient temperature Converter: – 10°C to 60°C, sensor: – 20°C to 60°C
Output signalElectrical output 4 - 20 mA DC, load resistance: 1 kΩ max.
Contact output Transistor open collector contact output
Forward-reverse flow rate switching function Transistor open collector contact output
Multiple range function automatic/remote switching selectable
2 ranges maximum for forward and reverse flow each
Traverse 1 traverse or 2 traverse or 4 traverse
Installation method V or Z method


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