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Wafer Surface Inspection System LS Series

LS Series

The wafer surface inspection system LS series can detect defects on unpatterned wafers with a mirror-finished surface. Applied technology of laser scattering achieves high sensitivity and high throughput detection of small contaminants and various types of defects on wafer surfaces prior to patterning. Wafer surface defects such as shallow scratch flatness defects, water marks, epi stacking faults, protrusions by the polishing process, and flatness defects caused during deposition cause problems in next-generation processes. The LS series achieve high sensitivity by detecting the light scattered from defects while suppressing background noise from the wafer surface. It is widely adopted to control contamination in the manufacturing of semiconductors on the 10-nm scale, and for delivery and incoming wafer quality control.



  • New optics provides high sensitivity inspection

Wafer Stage

  • High speed stage provides high throughput inspection


  • For device manufacturer: incoming inspection and process tool monitoring use
  • For tool and material manufacturer: process and material evaluation use
  • For wafer supplier: outgoing inspection with wafer edge handling use

Defect detection

  • High accuracy detection discrimination

Wafer Size

  • φ300mm
    (V notch type by SEMI standard)


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