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Service & Support (Electron Microscope/Probe Microscope)

Service & Support

Electron microscopes are used in research and development, the fields of medicine and biology, at production sites, and elsewhere. We offer comprehensive services to maximize the use value of equipment that we have developed through observation and analysis.

Electron microscopes are indispensable in a wide range of applications, from cutting-edge research at institutes to quality control at production sites. We provide comprehensive support for all aspects ranging from installation to maintenance services, diagnosis of the installation environment (which determines equipment performance), and training on the use of equipment in order to ensure stable equipment operation and maximum utilization of the equipment by the customer.

Main Products

Transmission electron microscopes (TEM), scanning transmission electron microscopes (STEM), scanning electron microscopes (SEM), focused ion beam systems (FIB/FIB-SEM), X-ray analyzers, ultramicrotomes, ion milling apparatuses, photomask repair systems (MR), and scanning probe microscopes (SPM/AFM)

Image of Field emission transmission electron microscope

Field emission transmission electron microscope

Image of Scanning transmission electron microscope

Scanning transmission electron microscope

Image of Ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope

Ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope

Main Services

  • Preventive maintenance
    By performing regular maintenance based on the equipment's operating status, we maintain equipment performance and ensure stable operation.
  • Installation environment diagnosis
    To maximize equipment performance, we modify the installation environment (in terms of vibration, magnetic fields, and noise) based on a diagnosis and analysis of said installation environment.
  • Corrective maintenance
    We overhaul equipment by upgrading parts, such as computer LCDs and AMT cameras.
  • Technical training support
    We hold courses for equipment users to teach them how to use the equipment and sample preparation techniques, which determine the effectiveness of the final image.
  • Digital solutions
    We assist customers with problems by managing the history of equipment usage and by providing network connections that do not increase the load placed on the equipment.
  • Reduction of environmental load
    We offer consultations on reducing various types of environmental load, such as by reducing use of energy and resources as well as by reusing equipment.

* The services offered may differ depending on the countries and regions.


Focused Ion Beam System

* Contact us to request for other consumables.

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