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Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation NANOMESH


The NANOMESH enables users to prepare TEM sample more precisely and easily on the sample mounting locations fabricated with ultrafine and high precision.



5 µm thickness sample mounting locations with ultra-smooth surface

The sample can be fixed to the top or side of the sample mounting locations.

Single crystal Si sample mounting locations

The sample mounting locations are made of single crystal silicon. EDX analysis of a Si based sample can be performed accurately since the material back-sputtered from the mounting location support part is silicon.

Protruded sample mounting locations

Redeposition of back sputtered material while FIB thinning can be minimized


Product Name, Sales Unit
Product Name NANOMESH
Sales Unit 25 pcs/set
Thickness of mounting locations 5 µm
Width of mounting locations 100 µm, 50 µm, 30 µm, and 20 µm
Number of mounting locations 5
Material Single crystal silicon
Thickness 50 µm
Diameter φ3 mm
Material Molybdenum

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