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TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopes)

A broad range of Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopes (STEM) suitable for structural and chemical characterizations of nanomaterials, semiconductors, energy technology, polymers, glassy materials, biomolecular mechanisms of disease, 3D-architecture of cells and tissues, viruses, and macromolecular complexes

Field Emission
Transmission Electron Microscope HF5000

Hitachi's unique 200 kV aberration-corrected TEM/STEM: the perfect harmony of imaging resolution and analytical performance
0.078 nm spatial resolution in STEM is achieved together with high specimen-tilt capability and large solid angle EDX detector(s), all in a single objective lens configuration.
The HF5000 builds on features from Hitachi HD-2700 dedicated STEM including Hitachi's own fully automated aberration corrector, symmetrical dual SDD EDX and Cs-corrected SE imaging. It also incorporates the advanced TEM/STEM technologies developed in the HF series.
Integrating these accumulated technologies into a new 200 kV TEM/STEM platform results in an instrument with an optimum combination of sub-Å imaging and analysis, as well as the flexibility and unique capabilities to address the most advanced studies.

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Field Emission Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope HD-2700 with and without spherical aberration corrector

HD-2700 is a 200kV STEM with FE electron source for both high resolution imaging and high-sensitivity analysis. Simultaneous STEM and SEM imaging enables observation of internal structure together with surface topography. Large solid angle dual EDX allows high-sensitivity, high-throughput analysis. Hitachi's own aberration corrector offers atomic level ultrahigh resolution imaging and ultrahigh-sensitivity analysis with automatic aberration correction function.

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Transmission Electron Microscope
HT7800 Series

HT7800 series are 120kV digital TEM with enhanced operability. High-resolution screen camera and Image Navigation function ensure comfortable digital operation in a lighted environment. HT7800 offers wide-area, high-contrast imaging while HT7830 realizes best-in-class resolution.

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