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HPLC Chromaster Driver for Waters® Empower™3 Software

HPLC Chromaster Driver for Waters® Empower™3 Software

Drivers (controllers) for the Chromaster, Hitachi's high-speed liquid chromatograph. The Chromaster can be used with Waters® Empower™3 chromatographic data station software.
The drivers use the Empower™3 OIP*¹ general-purpose software device control interface. The Hitachi liquid chromatography system is controlled by Empower™3, and data from the Hitachi liquid chromatography system is collected by Empower™3.

*1 Open Interface Portal

* Chromaster and ChromasterUltra Rs are registered trademark of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation in Japan and other countries.


Empower™3 directly controls the Hitachi liquid chromatography system

Chromaster/ ChromasterUltra Rs module conditions can be set in Empower™3
Device condition settings are managed in Empower™3 as a device method. The user-friendly GUI makes it easy to set conditions.

Device conditions settings screen

Empower™3 collects data from the DAD and other detectors.

Data collected by Chromaster/ ChromasterUltra Rs module detectors is transferred to Empower™3 data. The data, including 3D data from the DAD, can be analyzed and managed using the extensive functionality of Empower™3.

Data processing screen

Empower™3 can check the system operating status

The operating status of connected Chromaster/ ChromasterUltra Rs modules can be viewed on the Empower™3 software data collection screen.
Pressure transition data, operating errors and more can be managed in Empower™3.

Empower™3 offers an extensive range of functions

All connected Chromaster/ ChromasterUltra Rs modules are controlled through Empower™3.Module conditions are managed as methods in Empower™3, and collected data is also managed as Empower™3 data. Audit functionality and other functions supporting regulatory compliance can therefore be used as-is. Empower™3 can also be combined with supported data analysis options.


  • Please consult our sales offices to confirm of driver and Empower™3 versions.
  • You must purchase the number of Empower™3 licenses needed to support your system configuration.
  • A driver license is required for each Hitachi liquid chromatography system to be controlled.

* PC models listed are subject to change due to some models being discontinued.

* Waters® and Empower™3 are registered trademarks of Waters Corporation.

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