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To improve battery productivity and ensure quality, start with the device selection first. Reliable and proven Hitachi High-Tech’s manufacturing equipment broadly covers battery manufacturing processes.

Hitachi High-Tech has a wealth of experience in providing rechargeable battery manufacturing equipment for over 30 years. We offer a comprehensive product lineup from the raw material process to the assembling process, and provide Hitachi-quality rechargeable battery manufacturing solutions that realize high-efficiency and high-quality rechargeable battery production.


Small footprint with an archless structure




  • Low cost and improved workability with compact Dryer
  • High efficiency drying by hot air + IR
  • Thin film to thick film can be applied by slot die
  • Syringe type liquid supply can apply from 100 ml

High line pressure and high precision compression technology

Calendaring Machine



  • Uniform compression
  • Continuous compression processing with high line pressure and high precision
  • Roll deflection compensation mechanism
  • Heat roll function
  • High reproducibility due to constant position press
  • Option for embedded slitter and inspection device is available.

High-precision, high-speed cell stacking improves productivity and reduces TCO

Electrode Stacking Machine
(Z-Folding / single sheet type)



  • High-speed, high-precision cell stacking
  • Automatic electrode alignment mechanism
  • Particle contamination prevention mechanism
  • Independent separator outer winding mechanism
  • Easy-access to the machine provides high maintainability.
  • Support multi electrode types by tool changing.
  • Option for embedded electrode notching unit is available.


  • Stacking speed (dry-run): 0.8 sec / layer
  • Electrode size: Approx. A4 size
    *Anode + Separator + Cathode + Separator = 1 Layer

Bringing high-speed and high-quality assembling line supported by well experienced engineering capability

Assembling Machines



Prismatic type lithium-ion battery assembly machine

  • Top Cap assembly machine
  • Current collector welding machine
  • Insulation film mounting machine
  • Can/Cell insertion machine
  • Can/Cap laser welding machine
  • Electrolyte filling machine
  • Safety valve laser welding machine
  • Vacuum impregnation machine

Pouch type lithium-ion battery assembly machine

  • Tab welding machine
  • Pouch formation machine
  • Heat sealing machine
  • Electrolyte filling machine
  • Degassing machine

Advanced high-efficiency and energy-saving dry system

Dry Room/Dehumidifier



  • High-performance zeolite rotor realizes ultra-low dew point (-90° C DP)
  • Saving energy for rotor regeneration using heat pump technology
  • CO2 controllable
  • Option for machine enclosure type is available.
  • Possible to provide total design solution for the entire dry room

High-performance, energy-saving dry rotor system backed by core technology (honeycomb rotor)

NMP recovery system



High-performance dry rotor system

  • Environmental compliance - exhaust free NMP recovery
  • Closed-loop system doesn’t waste dry air.
  • Lower TCO
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