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LED Thermal Resistance Measuring Equipment

  1. LED thermal resistance measurement by ⊿VF method
  2. Can measure LED modules and LED elements by the use of large current
  3. "Rapid response" "stability", "large current" of power
    ⇒ Achieves steady and transition thermal resistance measurement
  4. Has a temperature coefficient measurement function (Can make connection with thermostatic bath)
  5. With multi-element switching function (maximum 100 ch)

(left photo) LED thermal resistance measuring equipment (the LED mounting fixture is placed separately)

Main specifications of the equipment

Forward current (IF) 0.1~3A(0.1A STEP)
Forward voltage (VF) ~20V,~100V (*selection)
Power on setting time (PW) 50µs~3600sec (1sec STEP)
Detection timing (td) 10µs~
⊿Vm detection range 0.001~99.9V
Number of PW applications one time or maximum 50 times
Multi-element switching function maximum 100 ch
Data storage item ⊿Vm, Vm, the judgment result
Measurement conditions (IF, Im, td, PW, number of measurements, cooling time, date and time of measurement)

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