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Terminal PC Software

Terminal PC Software

This software improves the operating efficiency of your CD-SEM.


The Terminal PC is networked with multiple CD-SEMs which are located within clean rooms in fabrication areas. It allows operator(s) in offices (outside the celan rooms) to download the measurement data. It also allows off-line work such as display/review of measurement data, off-line measurements, check of parameters in recipes for automated measuremens, check and analysis of error generations due to recipes without using nor interrupting CD-SEMs.

Main functions and software modules

The software is available in Full and Lite versions.

1 Transfer software Automatic and/or manual transfer of measurement result files and image files from a CD-SEM to the Terminal PC.
2 Recipe evaluation software Displays performance and error information for each recipe in Excel® N/A
3 Recipe viewer software Displays all recipe information N/A
4 Data processing software Customerized Excel Macros for evaluation or presentation of data.
5 Off-line measurement software Re-measurement of images on the Terminal PC without interrupting CD-SEMs. N/A
6 Recipe transfer software Transfers recipes to other equipment Optional Optional

Note: Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Devices supported

  • S-8000 series (S-8820/8840/8C40)
  • S-9200 series (S-9200/9220/9260/9260A)
  • S-9300 series (S-9300/9360/9380/9380II)
  • CG series (CG4000/4100/4500/5000)

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