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Spectrophotometer U-3900/3900H

Spectrophotometer U-3900/3900H

Covers a wide variety of analysis needs from liquid samples to solid samples. Line-up of two types that can be selected in accordance with the measuring object and application. For use in a wide range of fields that focus on water quality, the environment, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, materials, etc.

This product is a PC controlled system.


Possible to perform measurements in a wide absorbance range with low stray light and low noise

The larger the amount of transmitted light, the lower the noise of the obtained absorption spectrum so that a wider absorbance range can be measured.
Measurements of high concentration samples can be performed over a wider concentration range.

Stable spectrometer with double beam optical system

The light source uses a WI lamp (visible range) and a D2 lamp (ultraviolet range) that switches wavelength depending on the measurement. The double beam system divides the monochromatic light so that the diffraction grates into the control and the sample with a rotational mirror, guiding the light to the sample chamber.
Single Monochrome Type U-3900 uses a spherical surface mirror in front of the entrance slit, while the Double Monochrome Type U-3900H uses diffraction grating.

UV Solutions for U-3900 (PC connected) allows for easy device control and supports various quantitative-analysis functions

Special operation software that offers substantial functions such as measurement data comparison and a preview function that allows for a more powerful analysis.

Substantial accessories for both liquid and solid measurements.

There is an abundant lineup of accessories to accommodate multiple sample and micro sample applications, etc.

Loaded with aberration-corrected concave grating

The U-3900/3900H provides aberration-corrected concave gratings with a Seya-Namioka Mount for the spectrometer. Both condensing and dispersing functions allow for a bright optical system, but with fewer mirrors so that light loss and aberrations are reduced.

Two types of optical systems: Single Monochrome (U-3900) and Double Monochrome (U-3900H)

A lineup of two models with different spectrum systems: Single Monochrome (U-3900) and Double Monochrome (U-3900H).
The Single Monochrome is suitable for a low-concentration sample since sample light energy is stronger compared tothe Double Monochrome. The Double Monochrome is suitable for a high-concentration sample since it can measure high absorbance with little stray light.


Monochromator Diffraction grating
Single monochromator Seya-Namioka mount
Diffraction grating-diffraction
grating Double monochromator
Seya-Namioka mount
Wavelength range 190 to 900 nm
Spectral bandpass 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 5 nm (6 steps)
Wavelength accuracy ±0.1 nm (at 656.1 nm after wavelength calibration)


Enhanced Large Sample Compartment Accessory

When installing this enhanced sample compartment and additional accessories in U-3900/3900H UV-VIS spectrophotometer, you can measure the reflection characteristic, polarization property caused by incidence angle and transmission of solid sample and optical component, like reflected plate.
To use 5°/45°specular reflection accessory and 10 mm rectangular cell, these accessories have to be purchased separately.



Incorporation of double monochromator

Due to mounting of a double monochromator which uses Hitachi's original stigmatic concave diffraction grating, an excellent linearity is ensured up to high concentrations. Hence, highly reliable quantitative analysis is possible.

Model : U-3900H
Scan speed : 300 nm/min
Slit : 2 nm

Effective in trace sample measurement

Satisfactory measurement is achievable even with 5, 25 and 50 ?L micro-sample cells because the beam is finely converged in the sample compartment. Shown here are spectra determined in the ultraviolet region by measuring nucleic-acid adenosine with a micro-sample cell (internal volume 25 ?L). A high S/N ratio was obtained.

Model : U-3900
Scan speed : 300 nm/min
Slit : 2 nm


The following are some of the functions relevant to operability of the software.

Simple measurement data comparison

Allows for comparison by overlapping measured data or for comparison by Abs values of specified wavelength (Twelve specified wavelengths can be compared for up to ten spectra).


File read-out function with preview

A file read-out button with a preview allows for the review of up to two different pieces of data without opening a data file.


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