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Glass Plate Inspection System GI5400

Glass Plate Inspection System GI5400

Glass plate inspection system for contamination control when manufacturing small and medium sized LCD and organic EL panels.

Proprietary Hitachi technology allows front surface / back surface separate detection for thin glass plates.
High reliability delivers high detection sensitivity, high-speed inspection and high-magnification observation of contaminants. Ideal for controlling contamination in panel manufacturing processes.


  • Supports sheet glass
    Glass thickness: 0.3 mm - 0.7 mm; max. glass plate size: 1300 mm × 1500 mm
  • Accurate front and back surface separate detection
    Front/back separation factor: 150 (front surface: φ0.3 µm; rear surface: φ50.0 µm; bare glass thickness: 0.7 mm)
  • High detection sensitivity
    Surface contaminants φ0.3 µm
  • High speed inspection
    1300 mm × 1500 mm in 90 seconds (2-head optical system, φ1.0 µm high-speed mode)
  • Contaminants can be viewed on a monitor at high magnification

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