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  5. Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Solution: Metal Contaminant Inspection

We offer a metal particle contaminant analyzer that detects and analyzes metal particle contaminants with high throughput as well as an in-line metal particle contaminant inspection system that realizes 100% inspection.

Higher capacity and output of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries requires more precise production processes. The risk of heat and ignition caused by contamination metal metal particle contaminants has increased. For that reason, detecting a metal particle contaminant early and identifying the type of the metal particle contaminant and its source largely contributes to improvement of the yield.
Hitachi High-Tech offers an X-ray in-line metal particle contaminant inspection system, which detects metal particle contaminants in production lines instantly, and X-ray particle contaminant analyzer EA8000A, which enables both rapid detection and elemental identification of metal particle contaminants.

Metal particle contaminant inspection solution

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